stereoscopic PANORAMAS

Classic stereo pair photographs are limited to views up to about 60 degrees wide.    But the ‘omnistereo’ format lets a panorama player show convincing 3D views in all directions.  Ideally this is a pair of 360 degree slit-scans, however it is possible to stitch an acceptable approximation from wide-angle stereo pairs shot in 6 or more directions.  All the 360 degree stereo panoramas linked here were  created that way.

To view  omnistereo panoramas from the web you need a WebXR-enabled browser, on a smart phone mounted in a stereoscope, or on a VR headset.  On a PC screen you can get side-by-side displays viewable free or with a stereoscope, but this does not provide an immersive experience

To view omnistereo panoramas from local files on a PC you can use the sView software with a VR headset or a 3D TV or 3D monitor or a 3D projector.  On an Oculus headset you can view local files with the Oculus Gallery app.  These files must be in the left-above-right equirectangular format, with height equal to width. 

Anaglyph omnistereo panoramas are single equirectangular images that can be viewed in any panorama player on any color screen with red/cyan glasses.

Here are download links for a few of my stereo panoramas in equirectangular format: 

Pencoyd Bridge anaglyph     Pencoyd Bridge left-over-right

Pencoyd Iron Works anaglyph    Pencoyd Iron Works left over right

Trinkhalle Baden-Baden anaglyph    Trinkhalle Baden-Baden LoR

Lago Maggiore LoR      Cousin William’s Workshop LoR

Here are links to stereo panos viewable in a WebXR enabled browser on a VR headset or with a stereoscope:

Bathroom    Blue Grotto  Venice Arsenale  Chateau Frontenac  Santa Maria degli Angeli

Lago Maggiore    Villa Rusconi-Clerici    Pontinello, Burano    Ship Kalmar Nyckel

Image sets on that can be browsed and viewed in VR on an Oculus Go or Quest headset.  (Includes some anaglyphs best viewed on phone or PC)

Mercedes Benz Museum    Central Venice    Pencoyd Iron Works    Villa Rusconi-Clerici



One of a series of stereo panoramas documenting a neighbor’s installation of a geothermal heating/cooling system in October, 2017.