Taking The Wide View

About printable photos and pictorial art in general

synthetic 4X5

This is a big photo. The field of view is 65 x 65 degrees, the resolution is 200 pixels per degree, the total number of pixels is 185 million. You can’t buy a digital camera with this much resolution. The… Read More »synthetic 4X5

virtual viewpoint

A fine example of the power of virtual photography is making a photo from an impossible point of view – or at least one not easily reached by the photographer. The classic form is what we in the trade call… Read More »virtual viewpoint

Virtual photography

It is possible to use the mathematical muscle of panorama software to convert photos, taken with a real camera, into images that might have been taken with a different camera, or might not even be possible to take with any… Read More »Virtual photography

pocket view camera

Not so long ago, the ultimate tool of a real photographer was a large view camera, that let him (or rarely, her)  take big, high resolution pictures with adjustable perspective.  Now, thanks to panorama stitching software, you can do the… Read More »pocket view camera